• Robert’s Rich Plant Medium is a 100% organic mixture of sifted worm castings and compost (aka vermicompost) which when used, is an effective, nutrient-rich, organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. RPM contains water-soluble nutrients and is excellent for use as a starter soil for seeds, an addition to tilled garden soil and WILL NOT burn even the most delicate of potted house plants.

    Sure, there are other fertilizers out there at your local hardware store – but unfortunately, they are heavily processed using large amounts of fuel and water. Not so with RPM! No additives of any kind were used in its production. RPM is the “greenest” fertilizer available and will boost your soil’s fertility and also improve the overall structure of the soil in the most eco-friendly way possible.

    Worm Castings can contain as much as five times more nitrogen, seven times more phosphorus, and eleven times more potassium than normal garden soil and the nutrient life in worm castings can last up to six times longer than many other types of potting soil.

    Best of all, its very simple. Mix RPM directly into the soil or your choice of potting mixture -or- steep it to create a tea to water the soil with.

    Containing water-soluble nutrients, vermicompost is a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner in a form that is relatively easy for plants to absorb. Because the earthworms grind and uniformly mix minerals in simple forms, plants need only minimal effort to obtain them. The worms’ digestive systems also add beneficial microbes to help create a “living” soil environment for plants.

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    Pounds Cubic Feet Cost Approx. Coverage at
    1/2″ deep
    5 0.152 $5.00 3.5 Sq.Ft.
    (Equals about 1 Dry Gallon)
    18 .608 $15.00 15 Sq.Ft.
    (Fills a 5 Gallon Bucket)
    30 1.00 $25.00 24 Sq.Ft.

    Larger quantities are available.